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Songwriting Workshop

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

This blog is intended for anybody who is interested in writing songs or has written songs. How do you find your inspiration for writing a song? What interests you about songwriting? Who are some of your favorite songwriters and artists? How do you write songs?

  1. How I begin a song

- Interesting topic

- Pick a key (G for example)

- Go to my chord book and find different variations of the

chords in G

- Play the chords in different orders, strum patterns,

finger picking, etc.

2. Blend The Idea

- Prosody

- Create the mood

This is David Major Webster here and I'm going to try and explain my songwriting process with these ideas listed above. For me, the topic I'm writing about has to be interesting to me. How am I going to be motivated to write if I don't really care about what it is I'm writing about? Artists are writers, as well as, musicians.

I'm a very introspective writer. I learned from my favorite artist, John Mayer, during his Berklee clinic on YouTube about being truthful in your writing. A lot of my songs reflect how I truly felt in a situation or my hopes and aspirations. These are interesting topics and I believe a lot of people could write about their hopes, dreams, and desires. So step one is my ask yourself, if you're trying to write a song, "what is interesting to me?". After you comprise a list, what on that list involves you, your feelings, and a message that you want to sing to people?

To be continued..... updated 12/04/2022

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